Questacon – The National Science and Technology Centre in Australia are using the new MARS artwork as a centrepiece for their new Mission to Mars exhibition.

Get ready to blast off into space on the  Mission to Mars Mars experience. Join the Questanauts on an adventure to the red planet and visit the only 7 metre Mars globe in the Southern Hemisphere. Experience your first Marsquake and explore the challenges of living on this dynamic planet. The Mission to Mars experience is a mix of theatre and exhibition, and is a different experience to the usual hands-on activities. Visitors will be guided through selected galleries and enjoy a range of immersive experiences to gain the skills and knowledge needed to be the first humans on Mars.

Following a pre-launch Mission Briefing, your 90 minute  Mission to Mars  experience includes an investigation of the differences between Earth and Mars, an experience in the Marsquake Lab, interactive experiments and demonstrations to explore the challenges of living on Mars and plenty of time to marvel at our Mars globe. You can create your own Mars memory in our green screen selfie booth.

For years humans have been captivated by the red planet and our desire to venture further than before. All of the orbiters, robotic landers and rovers on Mars have barely scratched the surface of what the red planet has yet to teach us. NASA’s MARS 2020 Perseverance rover will launch in July this year to seek for signs of fossil life and help us learn more about our own unique place in the universe.

Mission to Mars invites you to explore the science and technology of the red planet. This experience will inspire your own journey of exploration as various missions to Mars send back data over the next few years. Was there life on Mars?

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