For ‘Wissenschaftsjahr 2023 – Unser Universum’ (Science Year 2023 – Our Universe) the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany (BMBF) is sending people of all ages on a journey to the limite of human imagination. In 18 projects throughout the country, the fascination of space can be experienced and the exchange with science and research can take place.

Mars Findet Stadt, produced by science2public is a tour of the Mars artwork to 9 German cities:

Halle, 13 – 26 May
Siegen, 1 – 20 June
Karlsruhe, 23 – 25 June
Bochum, 27 June – 14 July
Regensburg, 15 – 31 July
Oldenburg, 1 – 21 August
Bremen, 22 August – 15 September
Potsdam, 16 September – 9 October
Bielefeld, 10 – 31 October

Each of the 9 cities has designed a varied supporting programme: the visit of the well-known ESA astronaut Dr. Thomas Reiter in Siegen and the Mars simulator Dr. Christiane Heinicke in Halle an der Saale, the multi-day science festival EFFEKTE all about Mars in Karlsruhe, Planetenweg in Bochum, experiments for young and old in Regensburg, Science Slams in Oldenburg, Mars exploration tours with walking robots in Bremen, Mars rover experimentation course in Potsdam and last but not least, cosmology workshops for kids in Bielefeld, are just a few selected highlights of the Mars artwork’s grand tour of Germany.

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